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My math binders are always red every year I feel like math is just a red subject

Math is a blue subject and I’m prepared to fight you over this

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I will never stop trying to escape.

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Anonymous asked: What's oujia


















some game white people play so that they can talk to dead spirits idk if it works and im never gonna try it to see if it does

I did one before. Creepiest shit ever

what happened?


When I was little I went over my Hispanic neighbors house cause his daughter was having a sleep over. She pulled out the board and started playing with. I didn’t believe the shit until we heard someone crying downstairs. We thought it was her little cousins because we had lost them. We went in the room and it was throw up all over the floor and walls and the two little cousins were standing in the middle of the room, spotless. We asked them who was crying and who threw up and they both said the “lady” did. I went home after that.

nope nope nope  woulda never went back i woulda moved to other continent what is thissss

That shit really works bruh. For some reason I was convinced to try it out a few years ago. Still can’t get over it.

sigh tell your story bruh what happened?

My friend got the game for her birthday and was like “let’s try this shit out”, so my dumbass was like “aight I’m down.” So her, my boyfriend at the time, and myself went to her house and tested this thing out. We started by asking questions only one of us would know, like my boyfriend’s great-grandmother’s name, underwear color and shit like that. Then we tried upping the ante and asked some questions about our dead relatives. First of all, the ouija board had a name, and even spelled it out for us. It also was born in 1780, so that bitch is old. We asked it about my dead grandmother (where is she, what was she doing, stuff like that). The board started talking for my grandmother and used the pet names only my grandmother and I knew. We started getting freaked the fuck out, and tried putting the board away, but the ouija board wouldn’t let us. It kept spelling out how angry it was at us and shit. We finally threw it back in the box and left it in her basement, but the lights in her basement went out and her entire house lost power. My black ass took myself back home ASAP

in the basement what in the hell shoulda jumanji’d it threw it in the river i bet its still down there

lmaoo at your leaving your friends to fend for themselves i woulda done the same shit doe lol

nah this shit is no joke.
my little sister, her friend, and i fucked with that shit for like a week once. we were talking to dead people and shit like it was nothing but i would get these huge migraines after i used it, so clearly whatever the hell it was was taking a physical toll on my body. I declined further usage of that haunted little board. but my sister became almost fucking possessed by it. we would find her sneaking away to use it all the time and locking herself in her room so we couldn’t see her use it. then she started waking up in the middle of the night screaming and running out of her room. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING NIGHT for like 2 months. but the crazy part is she never remembered screaming or anything the next day. no damn memory of it at all. I took that board, burnt some sage around it, and buried that shit in the woods. not this time satan, not today.

bruh…. bruh….  ill never touch one of those mother fucking things

lyingforever see this why I told u we ain’t bout to fuck with this shit. I’m not bringing no demons in the projects

^^^ lmao

ouija board is nothing to eff with.

Idk much about spirits and demonology and all that stuff, but I’ve watched a couple of ghost shows to learn a little something about it. When you use a ouija board, you let all sorts of spirits in. It’s like the spirits use it as a portal, a gateway to communicate with the living. If there are bad spirits, such as demons, they will pretend to be your loved ones you’re asking about.

Bottom Line: Don’t use no damn ouija board! Period! Idc how curious you are. 

Any of my followers know about spirits and stuff correct my statement if I’m wrong.

Lets all agree that this shit is real if ya’ll follow me don’t let yo white friends trick you into using that shit. Don’t do it ya’ll love yourselves.

That shit is real. Never believe whatever it is really is the person they claim. They can get things from your memory and your loved ones could be present but the entity is overpowering them and using them to get you to lower your guard. I think the person who got migraines was being drained for info by something. This stuff isn’t a game at all. As for demons,demons have never been human. You don’t die and become a demon. If you get in to contact with a demon that is something very old,powerful and vengeful. Bc of their power it doesn’t take much for them to latch on.
Leave the dead alone. Leave that whole realm alone. There’s nothing for a living person there. If something tells you it’s a child 98% of the time it isn’t. Demons mimic the cries and laughter of children. They will pretend to be a child bc it lowers your guard.

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Best friend was feelin’ sad so I made her some brownies 😏



Best friend was feelin’ sad so I made her some brownies 😏

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It’s always when you need someone the most, that no one is there.

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